vendredi 10 août 2007

Who named America ?

Our Association already answered this question on our site :

On April 25th, 1507, a document entitled “Cosmographiæ Introductio” gets out of the presses of Saint-Dié, France. This document is divided into two parts.

  1. In the first one, a project for a new geography is described, justified by the recent discovery of a novel continent which constitutes a fourth part of the world.

  2. In the second part, appears in Latin the description made by Vespucci. The text consists in excerpts of the translation of the letter “Mundus Novus” from the Florentin navigator.

It comments a large map of the world named “Universalis Cosmographiæ”, drawn by Waldseemüller, and where this latter makes apparent the grounds described by Amerigo Vespucci.

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