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Caravelles représentées sur un détail de la carte de Piri Reîs

On trouve sur la carte de Piri Reîs plusieurs caravelles, à deux mâts et voiles latines, ressemblant à une caravelle portugaise du modèle de la Boa Esperança. Le deuxième mât est présent, l'antenne également mais, la voile n'est pas déployée. Les trois illustrations sont très similaires et semblent représenter le même navire. Ce modèle de caravelle est également identique à la Nina de Christophe Colomb.

Les trois caravelles sur la carte de Piri Reis.

Maquette de la “Boa Esperança”.
(Photo JM Urvoy)

Détail de la carte d'où proviennent les illustrations.
Cette carte fut dessinée par Piri Ibn Haji Mehmed, connu comme étant le neveu de Kemal Reis, à Gallipoli, au mois de muharrem de l'année 919 (entre le 9 mars et le 7 avril 1513)


... un infedele Genovese, chiamato Colon-bo ... [... a Genoese infidel named Columbus...] from an untitled, handmade, mutilated planisphere of the nautical type.

The detail reproduced here is found on the parchment stop side, inside the South-America coast.

20 x 16 cm (detail only ); 90 x 65 cm (full fragment).
Topkapi Saray Museum, Istanbul.

ln the cartouche right below the one reported here, the author says: "... this [map] was handmade by the humble undersigned. It is a result of comparative studies done on about twenty mappae mundi [world maps]; among them there are some maps made in Iskender dhu-l Karnain's time, on eight Dja fariye [= Geographies this is a reference to Ptolemy's work], one Arab map of the Indies and four recently compiled Portuguese maps ... and, finally, on a map of the Western regions made by Colon-bo "
A similarly detailed cartouche would not appear on a European map until 1544, a narration of the earliest accounts of Columbus's enterprise found in a lengthy side-note explanation to Sebastian Cabot's Planisfero.
Piri Re'îs claims, plausibly, that his account of Columbus's voyages derives from that of a Spaniard enslaved by the Turks after participating in Columbus's expeditions. Many details actually match what is reported by Western sources: among other things, even Peter Martyr of Anghiera mentions in his first decade the supposed refusal by the Republic of Genoa to finance Columbus's project.
[Maria Teresa di Palma]

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* As in all the commentary notes, here the dimensions refer to the detail reproduced and discussed in the text. ln this case, for example, they refer to the size of the cartouche.

Source de ce texte : Nuova Raccolta Colombiana, Volume XI, "Columbian Iconography", Page 422.

Informations complémentaires sur le contenu de cette carte.

Jean-Michel Urvoy.


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